Balanced Life Therapies

General Advice

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Applies to any treatment .

Before Treatment: Wear loose fitting casual clothing if possible. Only eat a light meal prior to treatment and ensure that you are not hungry. Avoid excessive exercise and steam or saunas prior to treatment. If you are currently receiving medical treatment, please bring details of your medication.  A full case history of health and lifestyle  will be taken  to ensure the treatment offered is appropriate and safe.   It may be necessary to confirm with your doctor that some treatments are appropriate. Occasionally  with your agreement referral may be made to a doctor or another therapist.
Any records will be kept in accordance with current data protection rules and  the requirements of any professional organisations  of which I am a member.
During Treatment: If you feel any discomfort or pain, or have any questions please ensure that you tell the therapist immediately.
After Treatment: You will usually feel very relaxed and it may be appropriate to avoid driving long distances. You should avoid excessive exercise and eat a light diet for at least 24 hours. Avoid alcohol and excessive tea and coffee also for 24 hours It is usual to feel thirsty after treatment  and I advise  drinking  at least one  pint of water if possible after treatment and to check your fluid consumption over the following week gradually replacing tea and  coffee or fizzy drinks with water of herbal teas .Two pints of fluid  should be the minimum intake for most people . You should try to eat a balanced  wholefood diet, eating in moderation and avoiding excesses of fast foods, tea, coffee and alcohol. It may help to keep a food diary if you feel you have cravings or intolerances of certain foods. Try also to cut down on cigarettes, take some exercise, try to take some time out for relaxation and be aware of your breathing.
Individual plans will be discussed during your treatment session as lifestyle and family commitments  will impact on changes that can be made to maximise effectiveness of treatments. Where possible advice and simple self help techniques will be taught. 
If you experience any problems following treatment or have any questions regarding other treatments I am always more than will to offer advice and support .