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Hopi Ear Candles

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What are ear candles?
Ear Candles have been used by many cultures as an effective natural therapy since ancient times.
They have traditionally been used by Shamanic Healers and their historic roots can be traced back to the Indians of North and South America. The Hopi people - the oldest Pueblo tribe - have a great history of both healing and deep spirituality.
What are Ear candles used for?
Ear Candles are considered as a classic clearance therapy, used to successfully clear many problems related to the head and ear area. Classic uses for ear candles include the following: irritations in the ear, ear pressure, headaches, noises in the ear, clearing blocked or stuffy feelings in the head, nose and ears.
Why Hopi?
Hopi means peaceful people, people of peace. For many centuries, they lived in harmony with mother nature and the original universal laws passed down to them. The Hopi's responsible treatment of Mother Earth, their universal spirituality and pronounced knowledge of healing, along with their cultural standards, still underline the elevated status of this peaceful people today. The filter is in the shape of the Indian Mother Earth symbol
What are the candles made from?
Hopi earcandles are still made. using only natural ingredients which include beeswax,
sage, honey and camomile; they are made to the European standard
 As a qualified and experienced Hopi earcandle therapist; Barbara is able to offer courses in the most effective way of using the candles for your own use, as well as earcandle courses for therapists  and is a stockist of Hopi ear candles.

Note  Please  be aware that ear candling is not a  substitute for  medical treatment and it is advisable that a medical diagnosis of the condition is obtained prior to seeking ear candling treatment., or a  free hearing test consultation is obtained   *
Ear candling is for most  a very relaxing experience it improves circulation to the temporal are a  of the head by its warming action and the action of warm air entering the ear  is similar to that of a chimney,  Candling balances the energy  and  pressure across the ear drum . Although many people experience alleviation  of symptoms of excessive ear wax  , the wax found in the candle after treatment is not ear wax but is an indicator of the condition  of  the ear canal  *
* Barbara has experimented with burning the candles in different conditions and has many years experience of use and teaching candling  and will willingly discuss any questions regarding suitabllily of candling before treating or selling candles