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What is Aromatherapy?
Aromatherapy is a therapeutic massage using pure essential oils. Essential oils are derived from aromatic plants and flowers, with each oil having different therapeutic properties.
For thousands of years, the fragrance and health benefits of essential oils on the body, mind and spirit have been recognised and revered. The oils work in different ways; affecting our moods and emotions through our olfactory system, integrating our mind, body and spirit, affecting the beauty of the skin and the hair as well as their medically beneficial properties.
How does it work?
An Aromatherapy massage uses oils specifically chosen and skillfully blended to treat you most effectively. The massage of these oils stimulates the body's lymphatic system and improves circulation, reducing stress and promoting a feeling of well - being.
All Aromatherapy treatments offered by Balanced Life Therapies can only be given after a full consultation to determine which are the most suitable oils to use for that particular person. The reason that holistic therapies are so beneficial is that each person is treated as an individual, recommended an individual course of treatments that  are reviewed on an ongoing basis
Blending, Treatments and Training
 Barbara now offers  aromatherapy massage  based on no hands techniques   with oils blended to  meet your needs .    As a fully qualified professional Aromatherapist Barbara is also able to blend a range of products for your requirements. Please contact BLT for further information.