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Indian Head Massage

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What is Indian Head Massage?
Indian Head Massage, or Indian Champissage is part of the Ayurvedic system of healing, a principle method of healing, relieving pain and living an optimum lifestyle for your body. Indian Head Massage is a massage of the head, nexk and shoulders and is usually   carried out fully clothed.
It is therefore an ideal treatment for the workplace to relieve the stress and tensions of our modern day life styles. The treatment itself consists of  varied pressures  applied by the arms  hands ,  thumb and fingers  covering the neck, scalp, face, shoulders, upper arms and upper back. This increases the blood supply to the massaged area improves the circulation and relaxes muscles using trigger points points
. What are the benefits of Indian Head Massage?
A very relaxing massage, it is ideal for removing stress and tension. Other benefits include:

  • relieves stress and mental fatigue
  • relieves muscular pain and tension
  • relaxes and rejuvenates the whole body
  • improves circulation
  • improves concentration
  • improves lymph system
  • re-balances
  • re-energises
  • re-vitalises

Barbara has personally developed the Indian Head Massage treatment into a highly spiritual energy treatment. Using her understanding of eastern and traditional medicine specific acupressure points are treated and associated  meridians to improve  the flow of energy ( chi )  
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